Editorial: Cyberpsychology has more submissions and citations
Lenka Dedkova, David Smahel, Kristian Daneback
Volume: 10(2)    Article: 1   doi: 10.5817/CP2016-2-1
Participation in social network sites: Associations with the quality of offline and online friendships in German preadolescents and adolescents
Michael Glüer, Arnold Lohaus
Volume: 10(2)    Article: 2   doi: 10.5817/CP2016-2-2
Playing below the poverty line: Investigating an online game as a way to reduce prejudice toward the poor
Gina Roussos, John F. Dovidio
Volume: 10(2)    Article: 3   doi: 10.5817/CP2016-2-3
Health anxiety and Internet use: A thematic analysis
Karmpaul Singh, John R. E. Fox, Richard J. Brown
Volume: 10(2)    Article: 4   doi: 10.5817/CP2016-2-4
Thinspiration vs. thicksperation: Comparing pro-anorexic and fat acceptance image posts on a photo-sharing site
Sarah-Rose Marcus
Volume: 10(2)    Article: 5   doi: 10.5817/CP2016-2-5
Young people who access harm-advocating online content: A four-country survey
Atte Oksanen, Matti Näsi, Jaana Minkkinen, Teo Keipi, Markus Kaakinen, Pekka Räsänen
Volume: 10(2)    Article: 6   doi: 10.5817/CP2016-2-6
Exploring personal characteristics associated with selfie-liking
Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol
Volume: 10(2)    Article: 7   doi: 10.5817/CP2016-2-7

Dear researchers, colleagues, and readers interested in research on cyberspace,

We are happy to present the second issue of the 10th volume of Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace. This issue consists of six articles that utilize various methodological designs and analytical approaches: three quantitative surveys, an experiment accompanied by questionnaires, semi-structured interviews utilizing thematic analysis, and a content analysis of social media posts. The issue is also spread geographically with contributions from Europe (the United Kingdom, Germany, and Finland), the United States, and Thailand. In the editorial, we will briefly introduce each of these articles and then present our journal’s statistics, including a summary of last year’s submissions and the review process, and our current position in the Scopus database.

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Lenka Dedkova, David Smahel, Kristian Daneback
Editors of Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace


Call for papers for a new special issue: Internet use and disability – risks, opportunities and challenges
This special issue welcomes contributions that discuss Internet usage among people with disabilities from a broad range of perspectives and contexts: Internet use as possibility or/and risk, barriers and opportunities for Internet use, implications for practice, policy, or theory, in family, in school, in social work and/or other parts of society, children, youth, adults and older people, people’s own voices. Download call for papers here.

Emma Sorbring, guest editor
Martin Molin, guest editor