Editorial: Would you like to be cited more? Write about social networking sites
David Smahel, Kristian Daneback
Volume: 9(2)    Article: 1   doi: 10.5817/CP2015-2-1
Beauty in the eye of the beholder? Attractiveness in a virtual world
Shu-Sha Angie Guan, Kaveri Subrahmanyam, Kevin Linares, Roy Cheng
Volume: 9(2)    Article: 2   doi: 10.5817/CP2015-2-2
The benign online disinhibition effect: Could situational factors induce self-disclosure and prosocial behaviors?
Noam Lapidot-Lefler, Azy Barak
Volume: 9(2)    Article: 3   doi: 10.5817/CP2015-2-3
Religiosity, sexual myths, sex taboos, and pornography use: A cross-national comparison of Polish and German university students
Urszula Martyniuk, Arne Dekker, Susanne Sehner, Hertha Richter-Appelt, Peer Briken
Volume: 9(2)    Article: 4   doi: 10.5817/CP2015-2-4
Coping through blogging: A review of studies on the potential benefits of weblogs for stress reduction
Dominik Petko, Nives Egger, Felix Michael Schmitz, Alexandra Totter, Thomas Hermann, Sissel Guttormsen
Volume: 9(2)    Article: 5   doi: 10.5817/CP2015-2-5
The relationship between Facebook attachment and obsessive-compulsive disorder severity
Soon-Li Lee, Miriam Sang-Ah Park, Cai-Lian Tam
Volume: 9(2)    Article: 6   doi: 10.5817/CP2015-2-6


New call for papers for a special issue of Cyberpsychology:
Online self-disclosure and privacy: Unravelling individuals’ motivations and behaviors"

Guest editors of the special issue:
Michel Walrave, Sonja Utz, Alexander Schouten, Wannes Heirman

Deadline for abstracts: 15.11.2015


We are honored to present the July issue (2-2015) of Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace. In this issue, we present five articles which are methodologically diverse - the authors used surveys, experimental design, and one article is a theoretical overview of empirical evidence. Articles were also written by authors from three different continents: Europe, North America, and Asia. We note that we would also be happy to publish articles from other continents, i.e. South America or Africa, to increase territorial diversity. In this editorial, first we will introduce the five articles and next, we will show the analyses of article citations from our journal, based on Google Scholar. Last, but not least, we will inform about the increases of indicators which we got from the Scopus database (operated by Elsevier).

Read the full editorial here.

We will also be happy to meet you personally at the 13th Conference on “Cyberspace” in Brno on November 27-28 (see We will be happy to discuss your possible manuscripts, but also the various aspects of the research on cyberspace!

David Smahel, editor
Kristian Daneback, associate editor